Big, big news, Beauty Insiders! It won’t be long until face and body shop, Sephora practically takes over Canada with a brick-and-mortar expansion of 50 new stores by 2024.

Over the last year, though many other companies like Disney, have actually decided to close their physical locations, Sephora is doing quite the opposite – opening more stores in big cities as well as those with populations between 100,000 and 300,000.

According to a report by the Globe and Mail, this money move will boost its northern in-store presence by a whopping 60 percent. Uhm, wow. 

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Apparently, they strongly believe that once COVID is behind us, in-person shopping will make a major comeback – but that’s not all.

Because so many others have become comfortable ordering online, Sephora hopes to make delivery almost immediate by shipping not from their warehouse, but from the nearest store itself. Once all locations are open, this will be cheaper AND incredibly quick for all Sephora fans, including those who don’t live in heavily populated areas.

Currently, there are 80 Sephora stores and 2 distribution centres in the entire country; but by adding more locations, 1-2 day delivery could be on the horizon. Of course, no matter how you shop, this is equal parts exciting and equal parts challenging AF. Do we really need more incentive to buy stuff from Sephora? We’re pretty sure that no one has ever left their website OR a brick-and-mortar without something that they didn’t need.

Unfortunately, as of right now there is no word on when or where exactly we’ll see these new stores but we’ll keep you folks updated as information rolls in. Until then, just prepare yourself, Canada because a Sephora revolution is coming.