The magazine Maclean’s has released its list of the most powerful people in Canada for 2021, and there’s a little more variety from previous years. Sure, the classic tropes are more than present- tech leaders and politicians do have some serious influence. However, we’re happy to see activists and similar names get the recognition they deserve.

At the top of the list, unsurprisingly, sits Justin Trudeau. Maclean’s isn’t too pumped about it, but they do know that he wielded never-before-seen power last year, and that trend will likely continue into this year. But, let’s check out the rest of the top 5.

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  1. Justin Trudeau- Prime Minister
  2. Tobias Lütke-Founder/CEO of Shopify
  3. Joyce Echaquan- Activist
  4. Mario Dion- Ethics Commissioner
  5. Bonnie Henry- BC Provincial Health Officer

While the nature of her inclusion is tragic, it’s nice to see that a magazine like Maclean’s understands the gravity of Joyce Echaquan’s actions before her death. Sure, tech gods and career politicians/public servants wield day to day power, but we hope that Echaquan’s inclusion opens more Canadian eyes to the issues their fellow citizens face, and sometimes tragically die, for. Sorry folks, that got a little heavy, but 2020 was a heavy year.

Another impressive inclusion is Elliot Page, the Canadian actor/activist formerly known as Ellen who publicly announced his transitioning in December.

If you’d like to check out Maclean’s list of the most powerful people in Canada for 2021, just click here!