From northern lights to planet alignment – there’s nothing more spectacular than a show overhead and this April, we encourage you to look up for something extra special.

Known for being ultra-fast and blindingly bright, the Lyrids Meteor shower will return in the spring and North America will have a front-row seat.

Between now and April 29th, eagle-eyed space enthusiasts should head to dark sky country for a beautiful display of fireballs and flashing lights which will shoot past the earth at a velocity of 47 kilometres per second.

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According to NASA, anyone with a pair of peepers could see 10 to 20 ‘shooting stars’ every hour as long as conditions are clear – though this particular event could amaze us when it peaks on the 21st.

“Though not as fast or as plentiful as the famous Perseids in August, Lyrids can surprise watchers with as many as 100 meteors seen per hour,” they explain on their website.


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“Sightings of these heavier showers occurred in 1803 (Virginia), 1922 (Greece), 1945 (Japan), and 1982 (U.S.).”

Want to see what all the hype is about? Cross your fingers for a cloudless evening, bring some snacks, a warm blanket and check it out after midnight. It’s going to be a good one, Jr. astronomers, we can feel it!


When: Until April 29th, 2023 (peak on the 21st-22nd)