Canada’s newest ultra low cost airline continues to expand. Lynx Air, which only started up last November, has announced new destinations and additional flights ahead of the summer travel season in Canada. Starting this May, you’ll be able to catch a ride from Calgary to Victoria and save money in the process.

Lynx Air will start to offer twice-weekly flights from Calgary to Victoria starting on May 12th, 2022. Then, on June 22nd, that frequency will be bumped up to three times a week. Prices vary, but at time of writing, you can book one-way flights between the two cities for as low as $39.

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That’s not all though. Out in the east, Lynx Air will start to offer service between Winnipeg and Toronto on a twice-weekly basis as of May 5th. Prices for that route are a little more expensive, sitting around $69 for a one-way ticket at time of writing.

Regardless, we’re happy to see some much, much cheaper options that we’re used to continue to roll out in Canada! Here’s hoping even more gets announced throughout the spring.