Listen up Torontonians. This is NOT a drill! You can now fly to the beautiful city of Orlando, for as low as $119 ($118.77, to be precise) including taxes and all. Canada-based airline, Lynx Air (Lynx) recently added Orlando to its list of destinations.

In addition to serving 10 Canadian cities, Lynx will be flying to Orlando, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Phoenix as early as January 2023. Tickets are currently on sale although you will notice some price variations depending on when you choose to fly.

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The destinations were added to Lynx’s network to give Torontonians a nice escape from the winter without breaking their banks. As Merren McArthur, chief executive officer of Lynx smartly pointed out, “By choosing Lynx, Canadians can save on the journey and spend more exploring the U.S.”

Lynx is a privately-owned, Calgary-born airline that started operations in April this year and the airline has become an instant hit, for good reason.

Lynx operates on the revolutionary European “low-cost carrier model.” This makes it extremely easy for travellers to customize their experience. 

As you can see, the airline offers unreal fares, but also lets you pick and choose flight frills that you need. For example, you can check your baggage, get priority boarding, stow a pet in the cabin, select your preferred seat, check in a bike or specific pieces of infant equipment and a lot more.

Basically, you pay for exactly what you need with no hidden fees whatsoever!


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“Lynx is on a mission to make air travel accessible to all Canadians with an à la carte pricing model, empowering passengers to pick and pay for the services they want. Airfares have been too high for too long in Canada, and we aim to change that,” McArthur adds.

Offering the lowest airfares ever isn’t the only way they are revolutionizing Canadian air travel. They are also doing so by being one of Canada’s greenest and safest airlines.

Their brand-new fleet of state-of-the-art Boeing 737 aircraft makes it one of Canada’s most sustainable airlines. With advanced aerodynamics and highly efficient engines, the aircrafts reduce CO2 emissions by an estimated 14 per cent over the most efficient single-aisle planes currently in use by other airlines.


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As for safety, each of their planes is certified by Transport Canada and meets the highest international certified safety standards.

Don’t put your short sleeves and those wide-brim hats away just yet. Head over to the Lynx website for more info and for booking your tickets.