Cheap flights anyone? Low-cost airline Lynx Air is introducing a new $1 base fare deal on all flights within Canada, but as with all cheap deals, there is a catch.

The sale is available for travel dates between March 25th and June 15th.

And the offer is exactly what it sounds like — base fare prices will be reduced to just a loonie. Excluding applicable fees and taxes, of course.

But, here’s where the catch comes in. In order to pay just $1 for your base fare, you’ll have to book a flight that departs on a Tuesday or Wednesday.

Yes, that means that the offer is only available on flights for these two days of the week.

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If that’s not an issue for you, then you’ll get to reap the benefits of low-cost airfare.

With such a cheap base fare price, you could get a one-way ticket starting at just $25 all-in.

That’s the price you’ll pay for a flight from Calgary to Victoria, subject to availability.

In addition to the $1 base, there are about $23 in federal and provincial taxes, and airport fees. The final total for this flight is $24.28.

That’s certainly one of the cheapest options out there, but Lynx also has flights to Montreal starting at $59, Fredericton for $79, and many more.

No promo code is required to access the deal, and prices are now live on Lynx Air.

Don’t wait too long, because you only have until 11:59 PM on Wednesday, March 15th to book your flights.

Safe travels, friends!