If you’re not in the know, Lynx Air,, based in Calgary, has been making waves for its impressive discounts ($1 flights on Tuesdays) and for being a reliable service when most airlines are, how do we put it, not entirely stress-free…

That wasn’t the case with this inaugural Calgary-LA flight with Lynx, which was as convenient, clean, and comfortable as can be. And who doesn’t want to have the option of a quick and affordable trip to LA? 

So if you’ve got an upcoming weekend or vacation days to spare, then this is exactly how Lynx Air can make your dream trip from Calgary to LA come true. 

lynx air calgary to la
Via Lynx Air

Not knowing what to expect, I boarded the inaugural flight with my usual travel companions: a neck pillow, a good book, a water bottle, and my phone loaded with downloaded podcasts. Since Lynx Air doesn’t provide food service, I packed myself a little snack for the air and found my seat ready for my LA adventure. 

The flight staff was friendly and accommodating, and just over 3 hours from departure, I could see giant swaths of Los Angeles out the plane window. Once landing, it was off for a quick adventure in the City of Angels. 


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In collaboration with the lovely folks at Discover Los Angeles, we were set up with nearby options and itinerary recommendations to make the most of our short stay. 

If you’re looking for accommodations, don’t for a second sleep on The Hotel Erwin in Venice. Not only is the oceanfront location nearly unbeatable, but the vibes of the rooms and common areas are exactly what you’d hope for in an LA stay. 

While most overnight accommodations in LA don’t come cheap (especially paying the US dollar), that’s an added bonus of flying for less thanks to Lynx Air. 

venice beach skate park lynx air calgary to la
Venice Beach Skate Park

And once you’re in LA, well, that’s when the fun begins. After spending the first morning in Venice with a pair of rented bikes, we hit up the popular Blue Bottle coffee shop, and hit up the world-famous Venice skatepark to watch skaters and graffiti artists practice their skills in the afternoon sun. 

From there, we ventured over to the LA County Museum of Art, well worth a visit for anyone interested in the collision of science, design, and art. From coding exhibits to abstract art, all the way to the mindblowing Metropolis II kinetic art structure by Chris Burden, the LACMA really has it all. 

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blue bottle venice la
Blue Bottle Venice – Via Jensen Architects

Also nearby is the historic LA Farmers Market and the Grove, which made perfect spots to lunch or shop at. Naturally, we had to explore the LA canals, which is like exploring a city within a city that is ruled not by roads, but by waterways. This is a fantastic spot for checking out homes and curious real estate, and with a coffee in hand, it makes for a wonderful daily ritual. 

We enjoyed top-notch meals from places like the fully vegetarian Butcher’s Daughter, and a retro Tiki bar called Belle’s Beach House that served up some seriously tasty cocktails. 

Last but not least is the Santa Monica pier, which is basically visible from every part of Venice Beach, and only sits around a 30-minute bike ride away. Whether you’re people-watching or taking a ride on the Ferris Wheel, it’s an iconic spot for good reason. 

lynx air calgary to la santa monica pier
Santa Monica Pier

And after that, it was back to LAX for our return trip to Calgary!

Los Angeles isn’t the only exciting direct flight destination offered by Lynx Air, but it’s definitely a noteworthy one! So the next time the sunshine down south is calling your name, put your wallet first and fly affordably with comfort on Lynx Air.