It sure seems like it’s been longer, but the ridesharing service Lyft is celebrating one full year in Vancouver this weekend! Luckily, to celebrate they shared some interesting facts about the city. Let’s check it out!

First off, Vancouver ranks in the top 5 cities that Lyft services for the percentage of hybrid or electric vehicles. We’re also the top city for tipping drivers in Canada, probably because we waited so long for the service. Also, we’re just nice like that.

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On the destination side of things, Granville Island ended up being the number one spot people needed a lift to. We’re also big fans of CRAFT Beer Market and Earls, which topped the list for restaurant drop-offs. Finally, Kitsilano reigned supreme for beachside drop-offs.

Well, we’re happy that the first year of operations was good for both Lyft and Vancouver! Cheers to another year of finally being on the ridesharing train.