Overwhelmed and intimated! If that’s how you feel browsing through products and treatments at a cosmetic clinic, you aren’t alone. In fact, being sold on products that professionals think are “good for us” is a classic cosmetic clinic experience. But one Vancouver clinic is hell-bent on changing that. Ladies and, well, more ladies, meet LUX Skin Lab.

Keeping info under wraps to sell you the supposed perfect treatments is a standard beauty industry approach. But LUX Skin Lab does things a bit differently.

LUX Skin Lab
via LUX Skin Lab

If you haven’t already guessed, LUX is a beauty and skincare clinic that can take care of (almost) all your skincare needs. Think laser treatments, CoolSculpting, fillers, botox, facials, acne and scar treatments and a lot more.

Owned and run by Dr. Jolene Le Roux and Damerka Ward, this boutique-style clinic follows a conservative approach when it comes to designing your beauty regime.

LUX Skin Lab Owners
via Lux Skin Lab

The operating belief is that beauty isn’t temporary and superficial. Instead, it roots in confidence, self-love and overall well-being (terms you rarely hear at a cosmetic clinic).

It is for this reason that the LUX team educates you on the treatments and empowers you with information. So, you can build your own beauty regime. They quite literally let you “achieve beauty on your own terms.” And that is what gives them an edge over the others.

CoolSculping Before and After
LUX’s Client Before and After

Their transparency mantra coupled with their advanced, innovative technology and exceptionally warm and welcoming customer service is what’s earning them rave reviews. A quick Google search will prove this! And so will their Insta that features before-after shots of their clients.

Face Rejuvenation Before and After
LUX’s Client Before and After

Speaking from experience, the clinic and its team are every bit worth the hype. Go ahead and try them out for yourself.

You can book a consultation at either of their clinic— North Vancouver or Burnaby— via their website (LINK BELOW). The website is also where you can find out more about the clinic, the team and the treatment.

Treatment Rooms
via LUX Skin Lab

P.S. They have some amazing Holiday Promotions going on at the moment. They also offer 20% off to all first-time patients! Be sure to take advantage while these promotions last.


974 Marine Dr, North Vancouver
4525 Lougheed Hwy., Burnaby