There’s never nothing to do in downtown Toronto. The city is always at the forefront of events, concerts, and the latest and greatest spots to eat. With so much at your fingertips, it’s almost too easy to get decision paralysis. 

If you work in downtown Toronto, then you already know there’s plenty to keep you occupied on your lunch break. If you’re working from home and feeling a little left out, then we have good news! There are great coworking spaces available right in the heart of it all, and you can’t do any better than Workhaus’ Dundas location.

Workhaus is a flexible coworking space that lets remote workers come together to collaborate, socialize, and get work done. It’s great for remote teams looking for an upscale space to come and go, or solo professionals seeking a dose of community and networking. 

If you want a full-time or ‘sometimes’ office in the heart of downtown Toronto, then you just found it. Workhaus is centrally located on Dundas Street West (not to mention the 9 other Toronto locations), close to transit and within walking distance of everything you need.

Here are just a few ways you can spend your lunch break. 

Daldongnae Korean BBQ

If your stomach is rumbling after a productive morning of smashing your to-do list, then it’s time to reward yourself with one of Toronto’s fav Korean BBQ spots. Bring your coworkers – it’s a lot of food!

From Workhaus: 8-minute walk

World Food Market

If you can’t make up your mind on what to eat for lunch, then try taking a culinary trip around the world! There are tons of vendors with gastronomic treats from every type of cuisine imaginable. You’ll find whatever you’re craving or maybe even discover something new. 

From Workhaus: 8-minute walk


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H Mart 

Sometimes, we have to stick to a budget. No shame in that! Whether you’re saving up for your next Europe trip or your belated New Year’s resolution is to eat out less, stop by H Mart for some tasty, ready-to-eat treats that won’t break the bank.

From Workhaus: 7-minute walk


Dave’s Hot Chicken

This fried chicken chain that’s partly owned by DRAKE just opened its first Toronto location this year. It is the ultimate stop for comfort food, and we think you should enjoy it guilt-free at least once.

From Workhaus: 7-minute walk


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Bini Tattoo

You don’t just have to eat on your lunch break, you know. If you’ve been meaning to get a quick piercing or tattoo, walk over to Bini Tattoo. They have $25 piercings on Tuesdays and $50-$150 flash tattoos on Wednesdays. That’s a pretty smoking deal. 

From Workhaus: 7-minute walk

Uncle Tetsu

Located within the nearby Atrium mall, stop by Uncle Testsu for the famously fluffy, mouth-wateringly delicious Japanese cheesecake. There’s no bad day or tough work problem that can’t be made better by a little dessert. It’s science, or something.

From Workhaus: 5-minute walk


Spend your lunch winning sweet prizes at Toronto’s new OCTO ZONE arcade. There’s lights, there’s colour, and there’s action. This new hotspot features over 100 games, including claw machines, blind box machines, capsule toy machines, and string-cutting machines for you to play.

From Workhaus: 8-minute walk


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Paramusic Records 

This hidden gem is for the vinyl purists out there. Just a short walk from the office, you’ll find this charming old-fashioned record shop. Spend your lunch hour scouring through new hits and old classics. You never know what you’ll find!

From Workhaus: 8-minute walk


Little Canada 

This unique attraction is a great alternative to your usual lunch plans. Spend an hour exploring Canada – but miniaturized! Marvel at the elaborately tiny displays, and get a miniaturized version of yourself to add to the crowds.

From Workhaus: 6-minute walk


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Don’t you hate it when you’re writing down important notes and your pen stops working? Make a supply run on your lunch break and stop by MUJI at the nearby Atrium Mall. Get the smooth-writing Japanese pens and some adorable stationery while you’re there. Your work notes have never looked better.

From Workhaus: 5-minute walk


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At this rate, the only problem with working downtown will be remembering to go back to the office!

But you’ll be glad you did since Workhaus is designed with every comfort in mind. Enjoy the sleek and modern ambiance, lounges, breakout spaces, and a kitchen to store snacks.

Workhaus is also the largest Canadian-owned and operated coworking company, with 12 locations across Toronto, Kitchener-Waterloo, and Calgary. Enjoy the perks of downtown office life, but only when you want it. Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too?


Where: 180 Dundas Street West