If you love dessert, you probably know all about Louix Louis’ signature King’s Cake. The exquisite thirteen-layer chocolate cake is a reason many head up to the 31st floor of the St. Regis Toronto hotel. But there’s another dish at Louix Louis that will bring you to new culinary heights, and it is one of Chef Richard Salas’ favourites.

As a space, Louix Louis has stunning decor to immerse you into a fine dining experience. Add on to that Chef Salas’ signature dish, you may end up with a new favourite spot. Especially if you like risotto.

Salas is now the Executive Sous Chef at The St. Regis Toronto, having been with the hotel for almost two years. Originally from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, Salas followed the footsteps of his stepfather, who worked in the hospitality industry with the Riu hotel chain.

Chef Richard Salas via The St. Regis Toronto

“Growing up, I lived the hotel life. I think it’s in my blood, being in hospitality,” Salas told Curiocity. “I got into the kitchen and just loved being on busy. I love all the moving pieces in the kitchen.”

Having had over 14 years of experience in hospitality, Salas has spent a lot of time creating his own spin on one of Louix Louis’ most ordered dishes.

While, everybody knows Louix Louis for the King’s Cake, the dessert that is all over social media, Salas said that there is another dish that sometimes out sells that staple dessert. That is the Lobster risotto.

Salas said he introduced the risotto dish when he first started at the hotel. “I put my own spin on this risotto and ever since then, it’s been on the menu, people are liking it,” he said.

Made with lobster, caranoli rice, peas, asparagus, lemon, shrimp oil, and seasonal fresh truffles, the dish is available on the lunch and dinner menu, and its creation began at Salas’ home.

“When I was first creating it, I would practice at home, my wife loves risotto,” he said. At the time, Chef Salas was starting his career in Toronto in an old-school restaurant uptown, back in 2011.

One day at that restaurant, the pasta chef called in sick. Staff were asked who wanted to cover, and Salas ended up taking the shift, and making the risotto dish.

“I remember back then we had the ZAGAT reviewers, and one of them came inside and said ‘who made this risotto?’ and I thought I was in trouble,” he laughed. But far from it, the reviewer had come in to compliment the dish, saying it was “authentic, perfect, and very nicely done.”

Lobster Risotto via The St. Regis Toronto

That stuck with Chef Salas, so when he started at Louix Louis, he wanted to have something on the menu that had a story behind it.

Fast forward to 2023, and the dish has been recreated with a modern flare, adding whatever truffle is in season to keep it fresh.

And while he loves the crab salad that is on the menu, “the risotto is my favourite for sure,” he said.

Being at Louix Louis is all about the ‘royal’ treatment. From its King’s Cake, to the weekend Royal Brunch, the restaurant also offers a “Top Shelf Dinner Series” which started last year. The tasting dinner is all about intimate dining, with wine and spirits from all over the world.

And as seasons change, Chef Salas said that their holiday menus are going to be introduced soon as well. You can expect Christmas menus, a New Year’s Eve Gala dinner, and a festive activation on the lobby level & suite.

“We are really excited,” Salas said.

And so are we!

Louix Louis

Where: 325 Bay St