262 consecutive hours on a pair of skates? While we’d rather be on the sidelines, a few devoted Canadians will soon brave some serious blisters in an effort to play the longest hockey game in history.

As a way to raise money for the Alberta Children’s Hospital, the Hockey Marathon for Kids will return in 2024 and it’s going to be something special!

Though their last game in 2022 was also wildly impressive with a 261-hour run-time, they hope to blow their standing record out of the water this April and you won’t want to miss it!

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“After almost 2 years it is time to do it again! The game remains the same, the goal is higher. 40 players will try to play 262 consecutive hours and beat their friends to the north in a true battle of Alberta,” they write on their website.

“We hope that you will join us at the Chestermere Recreation Center and cheer on the 40 players as the players try to continue to beat the Guinness Book of World Records all while raising significant funds for the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation and other local charities.”

longest hockey game
Photo via Hockey Marathon for Kids / Facebook

Want to catch the action?

As mentioned the game will be played just outside of Calgary and will run between April 5th and April 16th, 2024.

If you’re unable to make it to Chestermere, however, the public will be able to watch it from home and donate via their website. 

It’s going to be incredible, Canada!

Good luck to the players and their feet. It’s going to be huge!

Hockey Marathon For Kids – Longest Hockey Game, Alberta

When: Friday, April 5th and April 16th, 2024
Where: 201 W Chestermere Dr, Chestermere, AB