Cowtownabunga, dudes. Today we’ve got some news that could really make a splash… and no, it’s not that we’re going stop with the bad puns, those are here to stay. It’s actually far more exciting! The Alberta River Surfing Association now has plans, not only to build a river wave park in Cochrane and Kananaskis but Calgary as well.

In participation with The Parks Foundation Calgary, this unique attraction could see thousands upon thousands of visitors and between $2.2 million and $6.2 million in new economic activity per year.

The catch? Well, this certainly wouldn’t come cheap. Not only would the city have to turn the land under the 10th Street Bridge into an urban beach, but they’d also have to install adjustable mechanical ‘blinds’ in the river.

When lifted, these ‘blinds’ will create waves, allowing people to surf, paddleboard, or kayak against the current, so this really the most important component of the project.. and likely, the most expensive.

This is why they’re asking for our help. The Alberta River Surfing Association is looking for $600,000 in donations to complete the preliminary engineering for the project.

If you’d like more information or are interesting in donating, you can visit their website here. From studies to renderings they’ve really laid everything out, so check it, Calgary!

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