We have to say, the kinds of press releases we most like to see are those tongue-in-cheek, just messing around ones. Well, today Little Caesars brought the noise and announced that they want the naming rights to your TV room, for the rest of the NHL season.

Which is honestly a masterstroke from their marketing department. Not only are fans kept at home across Canada this season, but the NHL itself also had to sell a variety of naming rights to make ends meet. Quick- who are you rooting for in the Scotia North division?

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Cue Little Caesars hopping on the train. Their ‘contract’ (it’s not legally binding) offers an exclusive deal each week in exchange for your TV room’s naming rights. As such, you’re ‘required’ to refer to wherever you watch hockey games as the “Little Caesars® NHL® Hockey Room”.

If you’re not watching the big game at the “Little Caesars® NHL® Hockey Room”, then you’re not living, is our opinion. For more info on this offer, head to the Little Caesars website.