If you’re in need of a bit of rest and relaxation this fall, this stunning provincial park in BC is definitely worth checking out. Liard River Hot Springs Park is home to the second largest hot spring in Canada, providing road trippers with a quality place to unwind after a long day on the road.

The hot springs complex is open year-round and surrounded by lush forests, complete with a public Alpha pool with water temps ranging from 42°C to 52°C.

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Amenities include a changing house and composting toilet, as well as a scenic boardwalk leading to the hot spring pools.

The boardwalk takes visitors through a warm water swamp and boreal forest with a diverse range of plant and animal communities. From watching moose feeding in the swamps to watching a total of 104 different birds take flight in the area known as the “Tropical Valley,” there’s plenty of untamed nature to take in here.

As well, visitors can spot numerous fish swimming in the pools alongside the boardwalk.

So there you have it, BC! If you’re looking for a bit of adventure and the chance to unwind at one of the most famed hot springs in the country, look no further.

Liard River Hot Springs Park 

Where: Kilometre 765 of the Alaska Highway

Information on Liard River Hot Springs Park is from BC Parks and is accurate as of the publication date.