Here’s some inside goss for you— learning to golf can be just as fun as the game itself. All you need is to take the initial intimidation off the table. And that is exactly what Hotel Arts’ Freestyle Social Club has done.

If you’ve been there, you are familiar with their Foresight GCHawk Golf Simulators. This is where you can enjoy some serious tee time while sipping on your fave cocktails and utterly delicious bites. Sure, you can perfect your swings here. But you can also “get into the swing” of the sport with their Learn to Golf Program.

Learn to golf program
Photo via Freestyle Social Club

Living up to the club’s casual, for-everyone, freestyle spirit, the program provides you with a comfortable, private setting to learn the sport.

The six-week-long program is specifically designed for golf newbies. You will learn the fundamentals of the sport including terminology, etiquette and its many nuances. Basically, everything that makes golf so intimidating in the first place.

The lessons will be led by Freestyle’s on-site PGA Teaching Professional. And given that the group size is a maximum of four people, you will get personalized instructions. You can even book a one-on-one session if that’s what you prefer.

Frankly, the fact that we would no longer spend standing tee time with our pals, is motivation enough for us to join. But if you need more, the lessons are also a good excuse to treat yourselves to whimsical cocktails and delightful grubs at Freestyle’s open, leisurely setting.

Freestyle Social Club
Photos via Freestyle Social Club

Here, check out the club’s website below for more info about the program.


Where: 119 12 Ave SW, Calgary
When: Monday to Friday, 8 AM – 2 PM
Cost: $125+