We’re only a few days into April and we already have a stat holiday coming up – this week to be exact. Good Friday lands on, well… Friday, April 7th and that means though some of us may still be working, others will have the day off. That being said, if you’re looking to kick back and chill this coming weekend, you might want to get your priorities in order before the end of the week, or else you’ll be facing some store closures, like the LCBO.

And on that note, the LCBO will be closed on April 7th.

But all business is a go on April 8th so you can still purchase items this Saturday. It will close again on April 9th, though.

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Select locations will be open on April 10th with locations opening at around 11 AM and closing earlier than usual. Check your local store to see if they’re open before making the trip.

As for The Beer Store, they will also be closed on April 7th and April 9th. But Saturday and Monday will be open for business.

That being said, plan yourself accordingly to avoid disappointment.