It finally aired! After months of waiting, the highly anticipated series, Law & Order Toronto: Criminal Intent graced our TV screens last night for the first time. And like always, viewers took to social media to share their thoughts.

Citytv’s Law & Order Toronto spin-off premiered on February 22nd. The series follows a Specialized Criminal Investigations duo, Detective Sergeants Henry Graff and Frankie Bateman, as they investigate high-profile homicides in Toronto.

“These cases are inspired by some of the country’s biggest headlines, with Season One delving into the worlds of high finance, politics, real estate, media, and more,” shared Citytv.

“From the old-money glamour of Rosedale’s ravine-side homes to the vibrant, family-owned shops of Little India, City Hall to the city’s underpasses, Toronto will be featured in all of its raw, complex, and diverse glory.”

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Like with any show, you can’t please everyone. Although there were some critics that, of course, compared the Toronto version to its counterparts in the U.S., the majority of fans had great things to say about its premiere.

X (formerly Twitter) users shared their approval of the series with one stating that though they’re not big on the franchise, they couldn’t resist watching.

Though there were clearly some fans, a few viewers were focused on the fact that the pronunciation of our beloved city’s name in the intro sounded as though it came from a tourist rather than a local.

Others simply didn’t approve of the first episode.

Nonetheless, viewers were locked in on the first episode.

If you happened to miss the premiere episode on Thursday, you can watch it on Prime TV starting February 25th.

Now the real question is: are we ready to watch episode two?