Two amazing things happened last year. #1, LaunchPad Golf opened at Mickelson National Golf Course and #2 LaunchPad Golf announced they are opening a second and even bigger location in Calgary. Lo and behold, the second location, LaunchPad Gold Heritage Pointe, is finally here, and it’s everything you need for an elevated golf experience. 

The multi-level golf and entertainment venue opened its doors to the public on June 30th. And, it’s every bit as amazing as you’d want it to be. Here’s a quick lowdown of what to expect from the new LaunchPad—


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We already knew that this location was going to be bigger. What we did not know was that it would be THIS big. There are 40 stalls (or hitting bays, if you will) spread over two different levels. Each suite has couches for the squad to relax on, tables to put your drinks and of course, everything you need for a good game of golf.

Plus, the place houses a 200-seat restaurant and bar that serves up great food and bevies (more on that later). So, it’s practically the ideal place for just about every gathering, be it an evening with the pals, a family bonding session or a fun office outing (bosses take cues).

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One of the perks of golfing at LaunchPad is that you need not worry about the season or the weather. The other is the overall golfing experience. If you haven’t already visited the facility yet, LauchPad isn’t a completely virtual set-up. Of course, the courses are simulated but you swing an actual ball. And you could very well bring your own clubs. Although, each stall does come with a complimentary set.

Much like its counterpart, the Heritage Pointe location gives you access to the world’s best courses and even mini-games. Whatever be your skill level, they’ve got a game for you. And if we aren’t mistaken, you can even get a few tips or a lesson or two on upping your game.

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Ah! The only two things that can truly make or break an epic experience are food and drinks. And LaunchPad has you covered on both fronts. Their menu was designed in consultation with renowned Calgary chef,  Mike Pigot. So, you can expect the best of classic comfort foods. There are shareables and handhelds like nachos, wings, hot dogs and more you can enjoy while playing. And then there are sandwiches, pizzas, bowls, salads and plenty more to indulge in after the game.

launchpad golf heritage pointe
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Yes, of course, they have a selection of craft brews and classic and innovative cocktails to go with the game and the food. Basically, the LaunchPad resto-bar is one we’d visit even when we aren’t golfing.

That folks is the new LaunchPad Golf. And if you’re ready for the golfing experience of a lifetime, we suggest you pack your clubs, put on your golf hats and hit 31 Heritage Pointe Dr.