There’s nothing like a soft, warm and doughy pretzel to get you through those not quite warm enough Seattle spring days. And if you’re a fan of the chase and food pop ups, we just found your next eat. Laugen Pretzel is a pop-up you probably haven’t tried yet and should.

Here’s the deal, there’s minimal to no details on this pop up. Their social media presence is slim, there’s no listed upcoming pop up dates and according to an interview with The Stranger, it doesn’t look like Lauren Pretzel is changing any of that, anytime soon. The owners take out their cart when they want to and can. That, though, is what makes the pretzel so special, it’s a true pop-up.

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What about the menu? Well the basic low down is that your options here at pretzels. Bu to make things a little more unique, last week the cart sold limited-edition sweet pretzels, yet another reason to seek them out. Now, because these are Bavarian pretzels there’s no nacho sauce, but you can get the bottom part of the pretzel stuffed with sauerkraut, honey mustard and butter.

You’re probably wondering what your best bet is for trying one of these pretzels which is very fair. Our first recommendation is following the Laugen Pretzel Instagram. Then, we’d say keep your eyes peeled and check around the Museum of Museums and the corner of 17th Ave & Pike Street. Good luck and enjoy!