Pack your bags, it’s time to escape to somewhere beautiful. Lake of the Woods is said to have some of the most breathtaking scenery in North America.

With picturesque islands and long white sand beaches, Lake of the Woods is a paradise for adventurers year-round.

This captivating lake straddles Ontario and Manitoba, extending to the U.S. state of Minnesota.

With over 14,500 islands sprinkled across its vast expanse, you could visit a different island every day for 39 years, says Northern Ontario Travel.

Lake of the Woods boasts some of the prettiest landscapes and pristine waters on the continent, according to Destination Ontario.

This place is a haven for wildlife, offering nesting grounds and habitats for an array of species.

Keep your eyes peeled for the elusive piping plover or the majestic American white pelicans gracefully plucking their dinners from the waters.

It’s a playground of fishing and boating, thanks to the endless winding waterways that are home to an abundance of fish.

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Its lakeside city is Kenora, near the Manitoba border.

This city is known for its stunning waterfront and lakes surrounded by lush forests, sand, and hiking trails, plus wildlife sightings and community festivals.

In Kenora, you’ll also find something larger than life – Husky the Muskie!

This towering aquatic mascot stands tall at a whopping 12 meters and weighs over two tons.

Don’t forget to snap a photo with this mammoth muskie — Husky is a must-see attraction!

When you witness the majestic scenery at Lake of the Woods, we guarantee that you’ll feel proud to call Ontario home.