Ready to dive into summer 2024? Wild Rose Country is rich with things to see and do, especially if you’re looking for a nice view and somewhere to make a splash!

Located in Jasper National Park, Lake Edith Beach is an Alberta Oasis with soft sand and crystal-clear water.

Surrounded by the Rocky Mountains and lush green trees, there are few places quite as beautiful. In fact, this area is so impressive, that Parks Canada once ranked it among the country’s most “magical beaches to explore.

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Want to wind down? Here, visitors can paddleboard, kayak, and swim – though it is worth noting that the water can be chilly. It is fed by a glacier, after all! 

Don’t want the day to end, but have taken it all in? Grab your cooler and bathing suit and check out Lake Annette – another incredible destination, adjacent to Lake Edith.

With cooking shelters, metal fire rings, and a playground, this area is great for having a BBQ with friends, families, and date-seekers, but hurry!

Summer’s window isn’t wide here in Alberta, but it’s open!


Lake Edith 

Where: Lake Annette Rd, Jasper, AB