After decades of debate, we think may have an answer to the question “what is Canada’s national sport?” Is it hockey OR is it lacrosse?! It’s simple, friends. It’s actually both. May we present to you, with a little help from Reddit user NaBUru38, Lacrockey, the best hybrid game that you probably never even heard of.

According to the video below, the genius sport was born in St.Catharines Ontario Canada just a few years ago. However, it doesn’t appear to have gotten the traction it deserves.

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Though we did find some evidence that it’s been played in various cities for fun or for charity events, no league has actually been established – as far as we could tell.

This was both shocking and unfortunate because this absolutely should be a thing, right? The only thing that could possibly make this any more Canadian, is if they also had a moose-pulled Zamboni.

Anywho, we just wanted to let you guys know that lacrockey exists in hopes of getting the word out there. It really is the perfect northern sport… we only wish we had thought of it first.