Unless you’ve been living under a rock, this shall come as no news to you— pyjamas and loungewear are having a major moment right now. These versatile wardrobe essentials have been tripling up as comfy sleepwear, acceptable WFH attire and functional errand-running garb. And thanks to La Vie en Rose these giftable pieces are easier than ever to shop.

On the off chance, you aren’t familiar with the brand, la Vie en Rose is a go-to sleepwear and loungewear brand for Canadian women. Especially ones looking for pieces that are equal parts chic and comfy.

La Vie en Rose Holidays
Photo via La Vie en Rose

From sultry nightwear to cozy sweats to luxe PJ sets to cute accessories, the brand has something for every type of loungewear lover. In other words, la Vie en Rose is the gift haven that’s going to earn you some extra cred this season.

Circling back to them having made shopping PJs and loungewear easier than ever, the brand has released curated collections to serve all shopping needs. And it’s brilliant. Take a look—

Lacey Holiday Gifts
Photos via La Vie en Rose

The Intentional Shoppers

The brand isn’t just making A+ gifts but is also making it easy for us to pick them out with their gift guides. Whether you are shopping for the picky fashionistas, the holiday enthusiasts or the comfort creatures, these guides have you covered.

LVER Stocking Stuffers
Photos via La Vie en Rose

The Budget Shoppers

With the sheer number of people on our holiday gift list, shopping with intention is not just a healthy habit but a necessity. And la Vie en Rose clearly gets that. The brand has put together a selection of covetable gifts under $30. These include pyjamas, booties, socks (really adorbs BTW) and more.

La Vie en Rose Holiday
Photos via La Vie en Rose

The Luxury-Showering Shopper

What’s better than fine satins and lacy silks to show your affection? Virtually nothing! And if you’re trying to shower your lady love with some much-deserved luxury, la Vie en Rose has got your back. Browse through their gorg luxury gift guide.

Lacey Red Gown
Photo via La Vie en Rose

The Last-Minute Shopper

No, no, we aren’t judging! Despite all the planning, sometimes life happens. We get it. And so does the brand. If you are short on time or unsure of what will be well received, a gift card might be your best bet. As someone who has received one of these black beauties, we can say they NEVER disappoint.

Open Back Bralette
Photo via La Vie en Rose

The Sale Hunting Shopper

This would include just about all of us. We mean, who doesn’t like a good deal, eh? The brand will soon announce its Boxing Day sale. And if you want in, just sign up for their newsletter and follow them on socials. You can stay on top of all upcoming sales and also receive exclusive offers.

There you have it— the easy ways to gift the gift of comfort and luxury this season!