Well, well, well, one of Canada’s most beloved brands has brought a fancy flavour into the food game and the internet actually seems pretty excited. Kraft Dinner, the thing nearly every one of us grew up on (and still by the box), has launched a VERY limited edition Dijon ketchup.

Back in 1992, The Barenaked Ladies said that if they had a million dollars they would still eat KD, but with the fanciest Dijon ketchup. Well, now you can do that for absolutely free. That being said, you have to actually WIN the ketchup, and the contest only runs until Saturday, February 29th.

As per Kraft Dinner’s tweet, they will only be making 15 bottles of the special sauce. In order to win one, contestants will have to write a maximum of 300 words on social media describing why they deserve such boujee ketchup. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your taste buds) for Quebec residents, the Dijon ketchup contest doesn’t include them.

Here are the contest rules in Kraft Dinner’s very own words:

“To participate in the Contest, an Entrant must have a valid account on at least one of www.twitter.com (“Twitter”), www.instagram.com (“Instagram”), or www.facebook.com (“Facebook”) (together, the “Social Media Platforms”), and use the account to enter the Contest. During the Contest Period, the KRAFT DINNER brand will post about Dijon ketchup on the Social Media Platforms. To enter the Contest, an Entrant must comment on the post (300 characters maximum, including spaces) explaining why the Entrant deserves a bottle of Dijon Ketchup.”

Well, there you go, folks! If Dijon ketchup is what your Kraft Dinner needs then we wish you the best of luck. To the rest of you, we think you’ll be just fine without it.