Alright, don’t get us wrong. We love wacky marketing and original products, but today we almost started to worry about what’s going on over at Kraft. From their Candy KD to limited edition pumpkin-flavoured Mac, we’ve supported them the same way we’d support a friend who decided to get bangs after a breakup. However, we thought it might be time to draw the line because Kraft Dinner announced that they’d be launching cheesy scented essential oils.

With what they describe as “earthy undertones of wheat and spicy mid-notes of turmeric and paprika,” KD essential oils are not meant to relax and soothe you; they’re meant to make you crazy hungry.

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“The Smells Like KD Essential Oil Kit gives you that ‘I’m ready for my favourite meal’ feeling anytime you want, no cooking required,” they said in a press release.

“Rooted in the insight that smell drives powerful emotions, the new product was designed to help KD lovers feel the comfort of a lifetime.”

Now, we’ll be honest, we’re pretty sure that this is just an early April Fools joke, but with these guys, you never know so we’ll be on standby. Maybe there is a market for people who want their house to smell like noodles and cheddar!

Either way, we think we’d pass on this one, but you could totally disagree! If it is real, happy sniffing, if it’s not… well they had us for a second there.