Don’t get us wrong, we love a good swim in the ocean, but there’s been a significant void in the Vancouver public pool arena for quite some time now: The outdoor Kitsilano Pool. Thankfully, the Vancouver Park Board finally announced its plan to reopen one of the city’s most iconic and beloved summertime destinations. Kits Pool is back, baby!

Due to a slew of unexpected storms in early January, the pool was closed indefinitely to undergo repairs. While it’ll still be a while before you can take a dip at Kits Pool, we at least have a timeline in place!

According to the City of Vancouver’s website, an extensive assessment by the Park Board confirmed that “the pool’s structural integrity has not been compromised, and the pool can be safely refilled once the cracks on its concrete surface are sealed.”

In other words, we need about a week’s worth of consistently dry weather for the sealant to work properly. From there, staff will need about two more weeks to refill the pool, treat the water, and prepare the area for opening day.


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Assuming all goes well, the Kits Pool will reopen from Saturday, July 30th to September 5th. Long-term repairs will occur during the fall and winter months.

Fingers crossed the repairs go well! We’ll see you on opening day, Vancouver. Remember, you can always opt to rent a private pool if you’re ready to swim sooner rather than later!