The perk of living in the North American sushi capital is that you have a gazillion choices. The drawback is that deciphering the best is practically impossible. But when a resto makes it to just about every “best sushi” list, it’s a safe bet. As is the case with the award-winning Kishimoto Restaurant.

If you aren’t already in love with the place, we take it that you haven’t been there. So, allow us to fill you in on this sushi hot spot in town. And if you see the pre-opening queue outside the restaurant on The Drive, you’ll know that we mean it very literally when we say “hot spot.”

So, Kishimoto is a relatively small, unpretentious place that delivers what it promises— a spectacular dining experience. A tiny part of this experience is the warm, casual vibe that’s courtesy of its friendly (yet mighty) team. But the major part, of course, is the culinary delights themselves.

For over a decade now, the restaurant has been serving up authentic Japanese cuisine with inventive, modern twists. They offer a blend of a la carte sushi experiences and omakase levels of dining.

As a Japanese-Canadian immigrant, Chef-owner Akira Kishimoto artfully brings the best of both worlds together. The local and seasonal ingredients, wine and bevies agree well with fresh seafood, sake and other delicacies from Japan.

And if the heavenly taste doesn’t cue you in, the eye-popping presentation will make the Chef’s culinary excellence obvious. He does, after all, come with a 25-year-long experience.

Frankly, no matter what menu item you pick, you’ll find queueing up for it was more than worth your time and your money. Their prices aren’t as elevated as the experience they offer. But if you want to walk in with a definitive guide, below are 5 freakishly awesome delights you absolutely have to try— 


Brant Lake Wagyu Short Rib

Caterpillar Roll

Tempura (changes seasonally)


Fresh Sashimi Salad

Nigiri (fresh fish from Japan)

Spot Prawn Dashi Miso

Seasonal Tsukemono (pickles)

Seasonal Gomaae

Drooling, are we? Head over to The Drive to treat yourself to this exceptional dining experience!


2054 Commercial Dr, Vancouver