Want to head north this spring or summer?

Kettle Lakes Provincial Park is located 30 minutes outside of Timmins, Ontario and it’s a pretty cool spot to check out as the park is made up of 22 spring-fed lakes formed by glaciers! If you want to see them for yourself then here’s what you need to know.

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Kettle Lakes Provincial Park opens for the season on May 17th meaning you can plan your trip ASAP.

There is no shortage of things to explore, including the 22 deep, spring-fed kettle lakes formed by glaciers.

The kettle lakes were made when glaciers of ice were buried thousands of years ago, melting slowly and eventually forming into lakes.

If they had melted quickly, the deep, kettle-like depressions they left behind would have filled with sediment and disappeared.

According to Ontario Parks, “Gradually the meltwaters receded and the buried blocks of ice melted, slowly turning into depressions that filled with the melted ice water.”

“That ice water was replaced long ago in the park’s lakes by rainwater, melting snow, and groundwater flowing from spring!”

Once you’ve explored the kettle lakes, be sure to get your steps in on the four hiking paths:

  • Kettle Trail, 2 km, one hour, moderate
    This trail leads you along an esker (an ancient glacial riverbed) and passes bogs that occupy some of the kettle depressions.
  • Tamarack Trail, 2 km, one hour, easy
    Follow this picturesque trail around Tamarack Lake.
  • Wintergreen Trail, 1.5 km, one hour, moderate
    Hikers are rewarded with beautiful views of Island Lake.
  • Oh-Say-Ya-Wah-Kaw Trail, 3 km, one hour moderate

If you have a bike, bring that as well as there are 14 kilometres of biking trails ranging from easy to moderate levels of difficulty. The trails wind through the forest and lead you to Slab Lake where you can have a swim before continuing your journey.

Finally, there are two main beach areas located on Island Lake, Slab Lake and Green Lake within the park.

Day passes/vehicle passes for Kettle Lakes Provincial Park  can be purchased here.

Kettle Lakes Provincial Park

When: Open for the season as of May 17th, 2024
Where: Kettle Lakes Provincial Park, 1350 Municipal Rd, Connaught, ON
Cost: $10.84+ per day pass