In the same way that it’s impossible not to jam to Mariah Carey during the holidays, it’s impossible not to have a thing for Toronto’s Fashion Santa. Just one look at his chiseled cheekbones and steely blue eyes will have you swooning. Nobody is immune to his charm, not even celebrities.

Kelly Clarkson had Fashion Santa, real name Paul Mason, on her show’s “What I’m Liking” segment this week. She (along with the rest of us) was definitely a little bit smitten.

“There’s a new Santa in town and he’s a straight-up silver fox, people,” she said with a giggle.

“This Toronto man is known as the Fashion Santa, with his chiseled face and slick beard, people all over North America are lining up to take selfies with him, including Justin Bieber” she added, referring to the time the two took a photo together at Toronto’s Yorkdale Mall in 2015.

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When Clarkson asked Mason how his Fashion Santa persona came to be, he explained that he’d been a model for 15 years when his mother passed away from cancer.

“In my grief, I kind of went to sleep for a year, didn’t shave […] woke up and I looked like Santa Claus,” he said. His new appearance inspired him to pitch the Fashion Santa idea to retailers in Toronto, which led to him going viral in 2015.

His newfound fame allowed him to raise $20,000 for a local hospital by donating $1 for every selfie taken with him that season.

At the end of the segment, Clarkson surprised Mason by telling him that her Pilot Pen foundation would be giving him $1,000 for “creating fearlessly,” which we assume is code for being so damn good-looking.

Mason is definitely having his moment in the spotlight right now, gracing the cover of Swagger and The George Towner magazines. Go off, Fashion Santa!