Sit down, and shut up! A unique dining experience that’s all about the complaining type is headed to Seattle! Get ready to experience Karen’s Diner, a place where “the food is great, the service is ungrateful but your experience will be unforgettable.”

The pop-up has 14 locations across Australia, the UK, and the USA and is an experience that focuses on “banter and top-notch American diner-style grub.” It’s almost guaranteed that you or someone in your group will either get a whole lot of attitude or some roasting.

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karen's diner
Photo via Karen’s Diner

Despite the Karen being a modern contemporary social marker, the diner has a more 1950s vibe. Waitresses don pink frilly uniforms under neon lights surrounded by MCM-influenced decor.

As for what’s on the menu… KARMA. Basically, you’ll get served what you deserve at Karen’s Diner. That means your choice of a beef, chicken, or veggie burger. Each burger comes with fries and soda but don’t expect the waitresses to be nice when asking for dietary requirements.

Keep in mind, you can’t just walk into this pop-up, you do need to book ahead of time, or face the wrath of the Karen’s.  What’s more, it’s only happening for a short time so be sure to book time off in your calendar.

Karen’s Diner Seattle/Bellvue

When: June 2nd-4th 2023
Where: KHUSHI, 595 106th Ave NE, Bellevue, WA
Cost: $45, ticket price goes towards your bill