Do you have a natural gift for sass? Karen’s Diner wants you! The pop-up dining experience from your nightmares is coming to Canada and is now hiring servers with bad attitudes to join the team.

“Karen’s Diner is heading on tour to Canada, and we’re looking for some sh*t staff,” the description says.

“Bring some excitement into your boring life, and get paid to tell customers to f*ck off and be a complete and utter d*ck – it’s the dream job.”

The pop-up experience is coming to Toronto, Calgary, Victoria, and Edmonton at various times in April and May.

The diner will open in Toronto and Calgary from April 22nd to 30th.

In Victoria, Karen’s Diner will run from March 31st to April 23rd, and from May 6th to 14th in Edmonton.

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In your application, you’ll have to include a short video and a cover letter description about why you’d be the perfect server.

You may already be familiar with what Karen’s Diner is all about but if you’re new here, the concept is pretty straightforward.

Customers who stop by to eat at Karen’s Diner are met with the bluntest disrespect from staff, eager to make your dining experience the worst possible. Fun!

“As Karen’s Diner goes, the food is great, the service ungrateful but your experience will be unforgettable,” shares the diner.

“Don’t expect special treatment at this diner because it’s all about Karen, and she won’t be taking any of your nonsense!”

If you think you have what it takes to serve customers burgers with a side of attitude, you can apply right here.

Good luck and don’t F it up!