Frustrated with lengthy waits only to be treated by one issue per visit? JW Health in Calgary presents an affordable solution for accessible in-person and virtual care. They are transforming healthcare by offering services that surpass the capabilities of typical provincial health plans, integrating advanced medical technology for comprehensive everyday care, mental health support, and personalized treatment plans. Their program is also available for children of all ages!

What distinguishes JW Health? Patients receive unlimited access to a broad range of physician services, mental health support, and bespoke health plans. Furthermore, their services are eligible for Health Spending Account reimbursements, making them a prime choice for individuals with employer-provided extended healthcare benefits.

How it Works: Annual Block Fees

JW Health operates on a model similar to other healthcare providers, where patients can subscribe to a bundle of uninsured services for a set “Block Fee”. The adult block fee is $3480 annually (less than $300 per month), granting year-round, unlimited access to a variety of health services.

For those interested in specific services but not ready to commit to an annual plan, JW Health also offers a pay-per-visit option for uninsured services at the clinic. These include Nurse Practitioner consultations, mental health assessments, nutrition assessments, and body composition scans.

Easy-to-Book Services

A major advantage of JW Health is their streamlined appointment system. They have eradicated the usual delays associated with scheduling and lengthy gaps between general practitioner appointments. JW Health has crafted a model that allows patients to be seen on the same or the next day, significantly reducing the wait time for appointments.

Patients at JW Health have access to a wide range of services, including:

  • Comprehensive Health Assessments and Annual Plan
  • Preventative Check-ups
  • Mental Health Support Services (6 50-minute sessions with a registered psychotherapist)
  • In-house Finger Prick Blood Testing
  • Virtual Prescription Refills when Physician Approved
  • Women & Men’s Comprehensive Health Services
  • On-site ECG and Skin Cameras
  • Preventative Body Scans
  • Nutrition Assessments and Annual Plan
  • Personalized Care Coordination for External Services
  • Travel Vaccinations
  • Hormone Therapy

JW Health’s approach prioritizes patient convenience and comprehensive care, offering a modern alternative to traditional healthcare experiences.

How to sign up

Interested in learning more? You can sign up for JW Health’s services by filling out an online form on their website, and they’ll contact you swiftly.

Check it out below!