It looks like Justin Bieber is venturing into the cannabis biz, but his fans at home won’t be benefitting from it. The artist has teamed up with cannabis company Palms on a line of high-end pre-rolls called Peaches, a clever play on the lyrics in his song about getting his weed from California.

Cannabis enthusiasts in California, Nevada, Florida, and Massachusetts will get to try the pre-rolls first, according to Palms. Every pack comes with 7 pre-rolls and a Peaches branded Bic lighter.

Bieber told Bloomberg that he chose to partner with Palms because of their ability to “make cannabis approachable and helping to de-stigmatize it – especially for the many people who find it helpful for their mental health.”

Sadly, fans in the north won’t be able to smoke like Bieber does. Canada’s Cannabis Act has strict rules in place for how cannabis products can be marketed and endorsed, especially when it has the potential to influence young people.

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According to the Act, it’s illegal to promote weed products if there are “reasonable grounds” to believe that it could appeal to younger Canadians, such as using a real or fictional person to promote it or glamourizing it in any way.

Canada’s strict rules make it hard for celebrities to be successful in the industry, which is why stars like Seth Rogen are abandoning their cannabis ventures in the north for the time being, despite the brand’s success.

Legal expert Trina Fraser told Leafly that the tough restrictions on celebrity endorsements make it “very difficult to build brands around personalities.”

“When you look at places like Colorado and California, they are years ahead of us in trend development on cannabis products,” said Fraser.

Unless Canada changes its rules any time soon, it looks like we’ll only be able to buy Bieber’s concert tickets and Toronto Maple Leafs merch here in the north for now.