What’s more Canadian than Tim Hortons? How about Justin Bieber and Tim Hortons… bet you didn’t see that one coming! Canada’s beloved pop star is “brewing up” something big with the cafe chain. Just what that is, is a bit of a mystery.

A photo from Justin’s Instagram (shown below) displays a cup of coffee with the cafe’s logo, Justin’s assortment of chains, and the caption “Working on something @timhortons @timhortonsus“.


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Does that mean an exclusive Justin Bieber x Tim Hortons chain is coming? Tim’s recently entered the merch game with a ‘double double-inspired’ clothing line, and Bieber has had a ton of collaborations, with a recent one being with the Maple Leafs.

As pointed out by Twitter user @biebercentraI, an email sent to [email protected] reveals a semi-cryptic reply signed by Justin himself:

“Hey there,

If you’ve made it here by now, you deserve to know that something special is brewing between me and Tims in Canada and the US. More to come…


So, what will be coming? A new coffee blend, a donut, merch? With few details, it’s hard to know just what the duo has up their sleeves.

For now, your best bet for more hints is by taking a peek at Justin’s Insta or Tim Hortons Insta.