Alright friends, prepare yourself, because a dairy revolution is coming, and it’s taking no prisoners. As if Calgary needed another indulgent dessert spot, a major announcement just came from the wildly popular Japanese bakery Pablo Cheese Tart!

For those who suffer from lactose intolerance, we’re sorry and we’re with you, but also, you’re welcome because, from the sounds of it, this place is worth the Lactaid pills that you’ll inevitably have to buy in bulk to survive this.

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With a wide selection of delicious cheese-cake-like desserts, Pablo has begun opening Canadian locations in cities like Toronto and Hamilton with Calgary and Edmonton up and coming.

Choose from flavours like chocolate, matcha, and the original (to name a few) in two different sizes, all of which are freshly baked – which definitely makes a difference – OR get yourself a smoothie! Equally tasty looking, and just as extravagant.

Unfortunately, they haven’t announced an exact opening date yet, but you can bet that we’ll be keeping a fork – we mean -EYE on this one. Ah! This summer can’t come fast enough.


When: Summer 2021
Where: TBA