Well, this is pretty bittersweet, folks. As you probably know, due to COVID craziness, Calgary’s iconic Ranchman’s country bar was put up for lease a few months ago. Now, despite an early plea from previous owners to preserve the collection of momentous bits and bobsleds, items have begun to show up on local auction sites.

From barstools to picnic tables and even their prized mechanical bull, Calgarians are now invited to log on and place a bid to own a piece of honkytonk history.

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According to the Stewart and Belland Sales Auction site, the Ranchman’s dancehall is to be ‘completely liquidated’ of assets. Heck, guys, you can even snag a beer tub.

Now, we’re not going to lie. Being able to take something home from the place that became synonymous with Stampede (for a 5% buyers fee) is super cool; but it means that this is all very real.

This is truly an end of an era, friends! If you’d like to take a look at what’s for sale, you can do so on the Ranchman’s auction site here – but be warned. It’s a pretty eerie sight.