Well, folks, it finally happened! This week, after months of discussing whether or not it should be done, the Calgary city council announced that they have voted 10-4 in favour of reducing the residential speed limit to 40 km/h.

Now, like the decision itself, this will take officials quite some time to put all of this into motion, so don’t expect anything overnight! According to the city, changes will not actually go into effect until May 31st of 2021, which (as we’re sure you’re aware, ) is several months from now.

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At a cost of $2.3 million, this decision didn’t come free of charge. But if the change leads to even one less life lost or changed for the worse, we’d say that’s worth it.

“Over 9,000 collisions happen on Calgary’s neighbourhood streets every year, resulting in 550 serious injuries or deaths and hundreds of millions in societal costs,” Ward 7’s Druh Farrell told CTV back in September

So there you have it, folks. Calgary’s residential speed limits have been reduced. How do you guys feel about this? Do you think it’ll make a difference?

For more information or a map of the affected neighbourhoods, you can visit the City of Calgary Website here and remember, drive safely! Especially in residential areas until the end of May.