People, pull out your fancy gowns/dress coats, dust off your royal hats, and gear up for the most regal event of the year. The Queen’s Ball: A Bridgerton Experience in Toronto, of course!

Yes, the much-awaited immersive Bridgerton experience inspired by the namesake period drama on Netflix is hitting Toronto on Friday, October 7, 2022. And it has everything to transport you back to the Regency era and make you feel like a royal.

Now, when we say everything, we mean the whole shebang!

The Immersive Bridgerton Experience in Toronto
Photo via The Immersive Bridgerton Experience

Let’s start with the part that we are all most excited about­— the Ball! Yes, there’s going to be a ball in a grand ballroom. The stunning décor here brings the regal Bridgerton sets to life. And the live string quartet playing the iconic Bridgerton soundtrack in the background only makes it so much more real.

You can enjoy theatrical performances such as, interactions with the Queen, dancing your heart out at the ballroom, whimsical acrobatic performances and of course, plenty of photo ops to make your ‘Gram look straight-up epic.

Singer at the Bridgerton Show in Toronto
Photo via The Immersive Bridgerton Experience

Taking the immersive experience a notch higher, the interactive show also features Madame Delacroix’s Modiste. You can grab accessories like tiaras and feather fans here (‘cause why not). For those not familiar with the show, this is the clothing boutique of Madame Delacroix, a dressmaker on the show with a faux French accent.

The Immersive Bridgerton Experience Toronto
Photo via The Immersive Bridgerton Experience

The best part is that you can actually take home a piece of this royal experience. There’s a merch cart at the entrance where you can bag some exclusive Bridgerton merch. For example, there’s even a highly coveted Pat McGrath Labs x Bridgerton makeup collection or a Duchess pullover you can snag. Cool, eh?

The show will be on thrice daily in 90-minute slots from Wednesday to Sunday and tickets are currently on sale (selling out fast, TBH). So grab yours at the link below sooner rather than later.

Couple Dancing at the Bridgerton Experience
Photo via The Immersive Bridgerton Experience

Frankly, Bridgerton fanatic or not, being transported to the royal era with a fancy ball is an experience you’ll definitely regret missing. We know we will!


Where: Cinespace Studios, 8 Unwin Avenue, Toronto
When: October 7 onwards, multiple time slots
Cost: from $59