So, here’s the scoop. Toronto is home to a ton of delicious ice cream joints. Now that we’re enjoying the last few days of warm weather, we’re on a mission to try them all. These are some of the best spots for ice cream in Toronto and believe us when we say that they are sure to impress!

So without further adieu, here are 14 of the best ice cream spots to try in Toronto.

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The Big Chill


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A Toronto classic! This old-fashioned ice cream spot has been around for years and is a beloved spot among the College St community. They have over 30 flavours with over 20 toppings/add-ons. It’s a must try.

Where: 566 College Street

Bar Ape Gelato

Bar Ape Gelato is another staple in Toronto worth checking out. Since 2014, they’ve been serving mouthwatering gelato in soft serve, sundae and bar form. They collab with other local shops on toppings, too!

Where: 283 Rushton Rd

Nadège Ice Cream & Sorbet Shop

Nothing’s better than a cold treat on a warm day and Toronto’s Nadège ice cream and sorbet shop is serving up its iconic cones all season long. The French-style ice cream and sorbet at Nadège are made fresh from scratch in Toronto by their team of chefs. The menu features a variety of flavours you can get by the scoop, in a bar, or on a cone topped with mini macarons in different flavours.

Where: 780 Queen St W


This next spot is so exciting it’s sure to make you s’cream. The Yorkville joint does ice cream cocktails, along with a stellar lineup of cool summer flavours. Kick back in the sun, savouring these boozy creations. Can’t decide on which flavour to try? Order a flight, with 4 mini samplers! Yum!

Where: 126 Cumberland St



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Dutch Dreams is what dreams are made of. The popular Toronto spot is known for their ice cream creations with toppings piled high. This place is your source for out-of-the-box options, including ice cream flavours like “Unicorn,” “6ix Buzz,” and “Drake’s Chocolate Peanut Butter.” Plus, wild toppings like cotton candy, cookies, and more.

Where: 36 Vaughan Rd


Remember when videos of rolled ice cream were all the rage on the Internet? You can try these viral creations for yourself when you stop by this Toronto spot. Arctice Bites offers Thai-inspired ice cream rolls you are sure to love. We recommend sampling “Love at First Bite,” strawberry ice cream rolls topped with whipped cream, strawberry slices, strawberry pocky, and a condensed milk drizzle.

Where: 21 Baldwin St


Ever wanted to try those famous Toronto chimney cones? Eva’s Original is where you’ll find them. A Chimney Cake is a traditional Hungarian dish made with raised dough, rolled in organic cane sugar, and baked to perfection. That with a little ice cream? We can’t think of anything better!

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The only thing better than gelato is gelato with a side of wine. This catering-business-turned-brick-and-mortar-spot is serving up delicious scoops of exactly that. They’re located in the Queen West neighbourhood and were an instant hit when they first opened last summer. Stop by for mouth-watering flavours, plus delicious wine pairings any day of the week.

Where: 6 Markham St



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 The out-there flavours Bang Bang is serving make this place unique. They’ve got a wild rotating menu that includes will selections like avocado ice cream, boba milk tea ice cream, ginger milk ice cream, and more. Plus, fresh-baked cookies, ice cream sandwiches, and even a few vegan scoops!

Where: 93A Ossington Ave



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 This one-of-a-kind spot offers delicious ice cream sandwiches made with fresh handmade cookies. The mouth watering creations come in all kinds of flavour combinations and you can even get yours in “taco” form, with a waffle shell and mounds of gourmet ice cream.

Where: 16 Vaughan Rd



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La Diperie has over 30 dips available for their incredible soft serve creations. When you stop by, the possibilities are endless. Along with great dipped options, they’ve also got stellar toppings to round out the entire experience.

Where: Find your nearest location here.



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This spot makes our list just because of pretty it is. Stop by for some of the most aesthetically-pleasing cones in town. The spot serves house-made ice cream and gelato that’s created using all-natural ingredients, plus incredible French-style pastries and sandwiches.

Where: 120 Dundas St W



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Home to Toronto’s first charcoal ice cream, iHalo Krunch is known for its black cones and Asian-inspired ice cream. Ube All The Way, Black on Black, Meet Your Matcha and Bean There, Done That – And by their names, you can guess their flavours.

Where: Several locations


Colourful and sweet! Happy Sundae has a selection of ice cream flavours including gluten-free options. But its not the soft serve that we’re intrigued by, it’s their flavoured cones. Their rainbow cone selection includes lavender, red velvet, blue corn and more. It’s worth a trip down King St.

Where: 85 Portland St