We love frosty treats un-cone-ditionally and with summer 2022 finally here, we look forward to treating ourselves to as many scoops as our stomachs will allow. From crazy toppings to fudge-dipped bowls, our city has some incredible spots like Made By Marcus and Village Ice Cream as well as some underrated gems – like the ones below! Not sure where you should go first? Here are 15 incredible ice cream shops in Calgary that you may have not been to before.



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Serving everything from bubble tea to chicken wings, Calgary’s JusBubble is one that is not to be overlooked. Our favourite menu item? Their bubble waffle is stuffed with ice cream, and topped with your choice of fruit, sauce, sprinkles, and whipped cream. Life-changing. 

Where: 4323 Macleod Trail SW, Calgary
Instagram: @JusBubble



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Alright, though they don’t technically serve ice cream, Snowy Village is a must-try. Popularized in Korea, Bingsoo is a healthier alternative to everyone’s favoruite treat. Made with shaved ice and covered in everything from fruit, condensed milk, and cereal to cheesecake and whipped cream we would definitely recommend popping by this summer

Where: 3604 52 Ave NW #101, Calgary
Instagram: @SnowyVillage_Calgary



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Uzu Taiyaki is a one-of-a-kind dessert experience. You literally won’t find anything like this anywhere else in Calgary. At Uzu, the ice cream is soft, the toppings are aplenty, and the fun is inevitable but the selling point here really is their adorable fish-shaped cones. This place is as photogenic as it gets.

Where: #1-110 2nd Avenue SE, Calgary
Instagram: @uzutaiyaki



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This summer, explore the entire solar system with your taste buds at the Telus Science Centre. Serving out-of-this-world planet-inspired ‘astronaut ice cream’ these one-of-a-kind cones are bright, colourful, and honesty pretty inspiring. Check ’em out!

Where: 220 St. George’s Drive NE, Calgary
Instagram: @Telus_Spark



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An authentic Italian experience, Noto Gelato is absolutely delightful. Well ahead of the curve, these folks make a mix of creative desserts, classic treats and unique flavours all by hand, and they do it well! Believe us… you’re going to want to check them out – if not only for their brioche ice cream sandwiches.

Where: 236 – 4 Street NE, Calgary
Instagram: @Notogelato



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Served with their signature Churro, Halo is not technically considered an ice cream shop, but it’s still worth popping into this summer. We mean…. just look at the picture above! It really speaks for itself. Chocolate, sprinkles, cookie bits and soft serve? Drool. 

Where: 3519 14 Street SW Calgary AB
Instagram: @HaloChurros



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XO is a super cute spot with ice cream, waffles, milkshakes, AND cakes. They’re really in the business of cravings, and it shows. Not only is their menu magically delicious, but their decor is bright, bubbly, and fun. Trust us, you won’t regret checking them out.

Where: 808, 100 Auburn Meadows Drive SE, Calgary
Instagram: @xoicecream



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A post shared by Moo’s Ice Cream YYC (@moosicecreamyyc)

Located in Eau Claire, this summertime spot is run out of the tiniest shop we’ve probably ever seen. Step up to their food-truck style window and order sweet treats like soft-serve, screamers, soda floats, and slushies!

Where: 698 Eau Claire Ave SW, Calgary
Instagram: @moosicecreamyyc



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Love packing on the toppings? At this Montreal-based dessert shop, you can try hundreds of combinations, from sweet and salty to fruity in a cup or a cone. Once you’ve tried them all, they also have cakes, donuts, and a DIY chocolate bar station.

Where: 519-500 Country Hills Boulevard NE, Calgary
Instagram: @ladiperie



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Tacos and ice cream? Could it get any better? The answer is yes, apparently, it can. Not to be dramatic, but Calgary’s Mexican street food joint, Canelo’s, has created dessert hybrids so uniquely tasty you may not look at food the same way – ever again.

Where: 3007 26 Ave SW, Calgary
Instagram: @CanelosYYC



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Selling grab-and-go pints and generous cones of the good stuff, Milk Ice Cream can be found inside of John’s Breakfast & Lunch any day of the week between 9 am and 3:30 pm. Made with love and care this little spot has some incredible flavours with new ones being added all the time!

Where: 2614 4 ST NW, Calgary
Instagram: @Milk.YYC



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We’ll be real, rolled ice cream, no matter how it tastes, is just a lot of fun. Dellor however, tastes exceptionally great. It’s a lighter dessert, which we love and they have some incredible flavours. Our favourites are the Cà Phé and their incredible S’mores delloR!

Where: 1309 Edmonton Trail, Calgary
Instagram: @DelloRIceCream



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Go big and go home with one-of-a-kind eats from Sunnyside’s Holy Cow, an original dessert spot that does summer differently. From pints of gelato to floats and even warm pastries, these guys are kind of experts in everyday craving satisfaction! They also have some of the craziest cakes we’ve ever seen in our lives.

Where: 938 – 2nd Avenue NW, Calgary
Instagram: @HolyCowYYC



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A post shared by Abbey’s Creations in YYC (@abbeyscreationsyyc)

With bold and exciting flavours, Abbey’s Creations is one that you cannot miss this summer. Serving incredible waffle bowls covered in tasty treats, this shop offers endless possibilities and an unforgettable experience.

Where: See locations here
Instagram: @abbeyscreationsyyc



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A post shared by Snowcapz Cafe YYC (@snowcapz.cafe)

Snow Capz has everyone’s frozen treat down to a science. Is it Instagram-friendly? Yes. Delicious? Yes! Do they have a ton of cool flavours? Absolutely! You guys have to check them out this summer – you will not regret it.

Where: 216 14 Ave SE, Calgary
Instagram: @SnowCapz.Cafe

There you have it, friends. 15 wild ice cream spots in Calgary that you might not have been to before! Let us know if we missed your fave! Don’t be shy! After all, in the wonderfully wide world of frozen desserts, there are no wrong answers.