If Hallmark movies have taught us one thing, it is that winter is incomplete without a surreal getaway. And when we say surreal, we mean an escape to a charming town with friendly faces, scenic views and epic winter vibes. Incidentally, Muskoka’s most lively town, Huntsville, checks off all boxes.

As far as gems go, Huntsville is one of Ontario’s most extraordinary ones. The historic town offers a plethora of bucket list-worthy adventures that make it a perfect winter destination. And if you are looking to hit this gorg destination (which you absolutely should), we’ve got you covered with all the deets.

Photo via Huntsville Adventures

From stay options to play options and everything in between, this is your guide to the ultimate winter getaway in Huntsville!

Where to Stay

The best part about a getaway in a town that’s everyone’s favourite is that there is never a dearth of stay options. And so is the case with Huntsville. Looking for all the creature comforts? Check into one of the many hotels and resorts. On a romantic weekend with your S.O.? Check out the B&Bs. Getting the whole fam along? Vacation rentals it is. Feeling a bit more adventurous? Camp in one of the four provincial parks around.

No matter your budget, booking a nice stay here will be an easy feat. Even easier will be finding one. You’ll spot all the stay options on the Huntsville Adventures website.

Huntsville Dining Experience
Photo via Huntsville Adventures

Where to Dine

We truly believe that a destination is only as good as the culinary experience it can offer. And so far, Huntsville is ranking high on our list with its incredible eateries. These include popular chains like Kelsey’s, Harvey’s and Swiss Chalet. And local resto like Farmer’s Daughter, Family Place and That Little Place by the Lights.

The town also boasts a slew of food trucks serving up global and local flavours. These are perfect for your on-the-go snacking needs.

Photo via Huntsville Adventures

Then there are the cute and cozy cafes with bakes and brews to win you over. Our faves: Granny Lyn’s Kitchen and Oliver Coffee Corp. And of course, the iconic breweries serving up seasons sips that are to die for.

Where to Play

When you have a vibrant city at your disposal and several parks and lakes surrounding it, possibilities for adventure are endless. From snowshoeing, skating and skiing to sledding, snowmobiling and fat biking, there isn’t a winter adventure you can’t get your hands on in Huntsville.

Snowboarding and Fat Biking
Photos via Huntsville Adventures

But endless snowy adventures aren’t the only reason that makes the town so friggin perfect. It’s the fact that even without these outdoorsy adventures, there’s still a lot to do. You can shop from boutique stores. You can explore art galleries and museums. Or you can spend a whole weekend pampering yourself and showing some self-love at one of the many spas. Whatever be your idea of a getaway, Huntsville lets you live it.

If you’re hoping to make it to this gem before the end of winter, now’s the time to plan & book. First of all, take their fun quiz to discover your winter adventure persona, and then, check out the Huntsville Adventures website to continue planning your perfect itinerary.