One of downtown Vancouver’s most recognizable buildings is getting a rework! Recently, Streetworks Development (part of the Hudson’s Bay Company) revealed that it’s working on a plan to redevelop the iconic Hudson’s Bay flagship store in Vancouver.

Hudson’s Bay has held a department store in Vancouver for well over a century, with the first store on the site dating back to 1893. However, the six-storey building that’s currently there was built in 1927, with final touches not put in place until 1949.

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The news reflects a national overhaul for the brand, which was first seen way back in 2018 when a tentative deal was reached to sell the store. However, that never came to fruition, and HBC instead created its own development company to transform the space.

While no official plan has been released, there is a previous announcement that might offer some insight. Last year, the Montreal flagship unveiled its own plan, which included cutting the retail space in half and the addition of a 25-storey office tower connected to the space.

Regardless of our speculation about the Hudson’s Bay flagship in Vancouver, Streetworks Development has created a website for the news. What’s more, it will be hosting public information meetings both in-person and virtually later this month, offering even more info on what the plan is. We’ll make sure to update you once that comes out!