Need a change in scenery? Looking for a new place to call home here in Alberta is no easy task, but one rental platform has released a new study to help determine what’s best for you and your bank account right now.

This month, shared a breakdown of the most and least expensive places to settle down in both Calgary and Edmonton and it may have you thinking twice before signing a new lease.

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Here’s what they found:


Live in and want to stay near Calgary?

According to the report, rates actually fell this February with the price of an unfurnished one-bedroom unit decreasing by $56 since January.

This month, the average rent for an unfurnished apartment fell around $1,665 per month, while a furnished, one-bedroom home costs around $1,802.

Those looking for the most affordable place should consider living in the Northeast part of the city.

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Want to stay in Edmonton? Prepare yourselves if you’re looking for something fully loaded.

As per the report, the average monthly price for a furnished one-bedroom rose +6.47%, while unfurnished units rose just +0.13% however, you may want to consider the West end.

“West Edmonton had the lowest average rent prices for one- and two-bedroom unfurnished units this month,” they explain.

“Southwest Edmonton had the highest rates for all types of unfurnished units, as well as three-bedroom furnished units.”

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But there you have it. Homes certainly aren’t cheap but Wild Rose Country but we certainly don’t have it worse than our West Coast neighbours.

Happy home hunting and good luck, Alberta!

We hope you’ll find something perfect.