We have to admit, whether or not this school bus gives us Into the Wild vibes is not our main concern. Why? Because we see yellow and immediately think of The Magic School Bus. Besides, Ms. Frizzle was way more capable of handling the outdoors than a misguided youth. Sorry, not sorry.

school bus airbnb

Anyway, about this school bus Airbnb. Located in Kelowna, this ‘romantic getaway’ comes with all the creature comforts you’ll need for fall. There’s WIFI, a fridge, and even a little stove for cooking on. Now, we will say that one downside is that washrooms are 250 feet away from you. But, we’ll still take the tradeoff.

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school bus

Because heck, you’re sleeping in a yellow school bus at the edge of a provincial park. Wake up in the morning, explore the beauty around you, have a nice fire with some marshmallows, and fall asleep. Rinse and repeat that for a few days and you’ll feel more rested than ever.


Sadly, this school bus is only open from June to September each year. But, at a rate of only $100-$130 a night, we think it’s worth keeping as an option for next summer. Fingers crossed that by that time we can be travelling internationally again, but if not, this is a great second choice.


For more info on this unique BC rental, just click here! Enjoy the week, folks!