While many of Canada’s real estate markets enter absurd territory, it’s worth knowing that Alberta is one of the best places to find homes for under $200k. A new report from Point2Homes has found that our province is seriously good for bargain hunters, so let’s check it out!

In comparison to BC and Ontario, you can actually still find homes in Calgary and Edmonton for a very reasonable price point. Edmonton is actually the biggest city in Canada for finding homes under $200k, not just Alberta. According to the report, some 24.6% of all homes on the market right now are under that threshold. Calgary’s a little bit tougher, with just 6.77% of the listings coming in under $200k.

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Image via Point2Homes

Other notable cities and towns around Alberta to make the cut? Lethbridge (26.10%), Red Deer (22.80%), and Airdrie (8.43%). However, it should be noted that the roundup didn’t include some northern options, so we checked things out for yourselves there.

And, going off Point2Homes’ own data, Grande Prairie currently has a whopping 31% or so of total listings going $200k or less. Fort McMurray, on the other hand, is at a much lower percentage, rocking just 13% or so. You know, just in case the north is calling you.

But hey, we’re just pumped to see so many homes for sale under $200k around Alberta! Hmmm… maybe a least of some of the cheapest (but still nice) properties around the province is in order.