Enjoy this summer weather outdoors! We’re celebrating its warmth by heading outside and exploring some hiking trails around Toronto. With these amazing trails, you’d hardly know Toronto is a concrete jungle!

These gorgeous destinations make for an easy afternoon of connecting with nature.

Here are 11 hikes you can do right here in Toronto this summer.

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Moore Park Ravine Trail Loop


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Did you know Toronto’s Midtown is home to a 6.1 km hiking trail? If you love to go on nature walks then you probably did but if you didn’t, make sure to explore this gem. According to AllTrails, it’ll take you about an hour and 23 minutes to complete and it happens to be a popular area for hiking, biking, and such. The trail stretches north as far as Mount Pleasant Cemetary and south as far as Craighleigh Gardens.

Where: 205 Moore Ave

The Beltline Trail


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This 9 kilometre trail is so big it’s split into three sections: the York Beltline Trail west of Allen Rd, the Kay Gardner Beltline Park from Allen to Mount Pleasant, and the Ravine Beltline Trail through Moore Park Ravine. Whew, that’s quite the trek! Check out just one section or challenge yourself to the whole stretch.

Where: Beltline Trail, Toronto

Charles Sauriol Conservation Reserve


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You know that rainbow bridge you always pass on the DVP? This is the place where you can visit it in person. The trail is short and easy, but great if you’re just looking for a quick breath of fresh air. We recommend bringing a bike and upgrading your hike to a cycle session.

Where: 1191 Lawrence Ave E

The Don River Valley Park


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This all-encompassing park is one of the biggest in the city. This 200-hectare area spans the distance from Pottery Road all the way to the Corktown Common. Along the way, you’ll come across beautiful green spaces, public art, and all-around good vibes. Challenge yourself to the whole thing or take one hiking trail at a time.

Where: Check out the map here

Leslie Street Spit


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Walk along the water at the Leslie Street Spit this summer. The lakefront trail is perfect for exploring on foot or on bike. Plus, you’ll get a pretty cool angle looking into the city at the gorgeous skyline sights.

Where: 1 Leslie St

West Toronto Railpath


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This is definitely the most urban of the trails. You’ll actually know you’re in a city as you trek along this pathway. But who said that was a bad thing, right? The West Toronto Railpath is loaded with street art that you can admire as you walk along the railway tracks. Plus, there are lots of little coffee shops and restos along the way.

Where: Check out the map here

High Park West Ravines

High Park is especially pretty in the spring because of the famous cherry blossoms. But even when peak bloom ends, this is a great spot for an outdoor jaunt and the ravine has tons of wildlife to say hi to. Plus, there’s even a dog off-leash area on site.

Where: 1873 Bloor St W

Evergreen Brickworks


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Start at the weekend farmer’s market and make your way north at the historic Brickworks for a beautiful outdoor stroll. This pathway begins with the beautiful onsite pond and ends through trails of forestry. It’s definitely a hike you have to hit at least once in Toronto.

Where: 550 Bayview Ave

Edwards Gardens Trail


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On top of the beautiful botanical gardens at this North York spot, you’ve also got a hiking trail to explore. Okay, we use the term “hike” loosely here. But the pathway is definitely a great outdoor walk. This spot is perfect to hit for an easy-breezy outdoor excursion. Plus, if you go far enough it joins up with Sunnybrook Park! Two for one!

Where: 755 Lawrence Ave E

Humber River Recreation Trail


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Tucked away in the west end is this peaceful nature trail along the Humber River. If you’re looking for a place to get your steps in, this 8.2 km network of trails is definitely the place to go. With lovely views surrounding you on all sides of the long paved pathways, this is the perfect spot to take your dog for a nice long walk or a stroll with a friend.

Where: Check out the map here

Bluffer’s Park


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Last but not least, we’ve got a fabulous Scarborough spot. The Bluffs are a stunning sight to see no matter what time of year it is, but in the summer, it’s a must-visit. The waterside trail is great for stretching your legs. Plus, the views up top are unbeatable.

Where: 1 Brimley Rd S

Soak up the sun at all these gorgeous summer hikes around Toronto. We know we’ll be hitting one or two of them this weekend.