If you have big dreams for your career, you might want to set your sights on the highest-paying jobs in Canada.

According to a new report by Indeed, some jobs stand out above the rest in terms of their earning potential.

Based on Indeed’s data and insights, these 15 jobs offer some of the biggest salaries in the country.

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Most of these require a specialized degree and many years of study. However, some of them are also executive positions, meaning you can start at the bottom and rise through the ranks if you work hard enough.

Here are the jobs on Indeed’s list of highest-paying jobs in Canada and the average national salary for each.

  1. Cardiologist — $280,591
  2. Anesthesiologist — $358,908
  3. Psychiatrist — $298,065
  4. Physician — $254,847
  5. Surgeon — $279,646
  6. Orthodontist — $209,373
  7. Chief Marketing Officer — $109,196
  8. Vice President — $135,578
  9. Software Engineer Manager — $143,044
  10. Director of Information Technology — $117,890
  11. Software Architect — $109,021
  12. Enterprise Architect — $110,083
  13. Pharmacist — $105,088
  14. Corporate Controller — $103,056
  15. Data Scientist — $84,630

According to Indeed, these salaries may vary depending on the company, as well as an individual’s level of experience, location, and academic background.

So, there you have it! If it’s a bigger paycheque you’re after, these high-paying jobs in Canada are worth putting on your radar.