There’s nothing more tranquil than the sounds of rushing waters as you stand surrounded by nature. Experience this feeling at Pottawatomi Conservation Area and uncover its hidden cascade, Jones Falls. Here’s what to know about Jones Falls.

Just a short drive away from Owen Sound is where you’ll find Pottawatomi and Jones Falls Conservation Area. According to Ontario Conservation Areas, the 293-acre land is home to several trails and a gorgeous view of the waterfall.

This wonderful piece of nature is a “must-see for geology lovers with its unique views of the Niagara Escarpment that was formed millions of years ago.”

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There are a number of recreational activities that visitors can partake in but the true gem of it all is the falls.

You must embark on a short hike to find the rushing cascade. According to Grey County, it’s a one-kilometre walking trail that leads through the Pottawatomi Conservation Area to the falls.

And like always, as you venture through the trail, make sure you are aware of your surroundings. And once you reach the falls, there is a lookout spot where you can watch the rushing cascades in all its glory.

There is a parking lot at Jones Falls & Pottawatomi Conservation Area which may require a payment. Besides that, you’re set to explore the area at your leisure.

Have fun out there and don’t forget to take pictures!

Jones Falls & Pottawatomi Conservation Area

Where: 717875 Highway 6, Owen Sound ON