We’d all like to think that we’re discrete, mysterious, and quick on our feet – but the truth is, in a game of ‘hide and seek,’ there are winners and there are losers. Luckily, thanks to Red Deer’s Heritage Ranch, we don’t have to double-cross the Mafia or escape from prison to find out. Instead, we can just play ‘fugitive’ with their Ranch Tracker experience.

This game of extreme capture the flag is a heart-racing, fast-paced game of wit and direction, that will test your ability to stay low, stay quiet, and stay calm.

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After booking the experience as a group or a pair, guests will be given a map, a compass, and a warning, then be left alone. The only other people around? Your teammates and the ‘ranch tracker’ whose job is to hunt you down before you find and steal the various flags placed around the area.

Each game lasts 60 minutes and actually ends with a steak dinner at their restaurant – so whether you dominate or fail horribly, at least you won’t go home on an empty stomach! Also, you’ll find out once in for all if you have ninja-like skills or if you camouflage like a jumbo-sized highlighter in a box of black pencil crayons.

for more information or to book, you can check out their website here. Good luck, and have fun!


Where: 6300 Cronquist Dr, Red Deer, AB